The Mirror Makers – reviews

‘Elegant writing and excellent research are the hallmarks of Clare Colvin’s The Mirror Makers, which is ripe with the intrigue, passion and danger of the best historical novels.’
– Elizabeth Buchan, Sunday Times

‘Clare Colvin weaves a dazzling tapestry of intrigue in her third novel, The Mirror Makers.  It is 17th century France, in the court of Louis XIV.  You can almost see the glitter of embroidered silk, silver-edged lace and flashing eyes.   Image is everything here.   The story is romantic, dramatic and sensual, with a tantalizing hint of witchcraft.’
– Wendy Bardsley, The Independent on Sunday

‘The Mirror Makers is set in a dazzling milieu, and the author makes full use of its seductive appeal . . . Plots, secret assignations and emotional turmoil give the book dramatic intensity; the period setting, which has been beautifully researched, adds vibrancy and colour to a well-crafted historical novel.’
– Eithne Farry, Daily Mail

‘Clare Colvin uses great imaginative skill to recreate and illuminate a historical epoch.’
– Michael Arditti, Daily Express

‘Colvin has the gift of making the creation of mirrors as racily exciting as her intrigues, narrow escapes and erotic encounters . . .This perhaps is the best thing writing about the arts can do – remind us that every painting or gorgeous object comes out of a time, and a place, and an impassioned human mind.’
– Roz Kaveney, Art Quarterly– 

‘This biographical romance does what every good historical novel should.  It entertains with a full range of ribbons-and-lace debauchery, and serves as a pleasant refresher in history.’
– Emma Hadestadt, The Independent

‘A wonderful tale about a little-known aspect of history.  A truly remarkable read.’
Tim Manderson, Publishing News Special Selection

‘Colvin has woven her meticulously researched history into a glittering story of image, deception and intrigue’
The Good Book Guide

‘Clare Colvin skillfully weaves a novel of romance and revenge bringing details of the time colourfully to life.  She makes us ponder the stories of lesser players in great moments of history.’
– Bill Spence (historical novelist Jessica Blair) Yorkshire Gazette & Herald

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